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Kennedy puts Katter back in the saddle

Kennedy puts Katter back in the saddle

KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is humbled by the result of the 2016 Federal election that has returned him to Kennedy with more than an 11 per cent swing.

“I thank the hundreds of great Australians who stood outside in the wind, hot sun and in some places cold handing out our How to Vote Cards passionately for Kennedy and the future of their country; and everyone who voted. And I thank my brilliant strategy team who got our key messages out there.

“But upon this base, if the Australian people have delivered a small modicum of power, that power will be used to create a happy and a prosperous North Qld.

“The financial oppression of the elderly, the struggling abandoned young families will be addressed

“It looks like we’ll be in a very powerful position.

“We will be saying our prayers to the good Lord and we hope we can get enlightenment through to the people to have to date exercised power in Canberra.”

KAP Candidate Colin Dwyer calls for North Queensland Independence in Wake of Brexit

KAP Candidate Colin Dwyer calls for North Queensland Independence in Wake of Brexit

Drawing parallels to the United Kingdom's recent 'Brexit' from the European Union, the Katter's Australian Party candidate for Herbert Colin Dwyer has called on North Queensland to seek its own independence.

The self-styled 'North Quexit' would see the state of Queensland split in order to improve federal representation for Northern Queenslanders, something Mr Dwyer believes the region desperately needs.

"Northern Queensland has constantly taken a back seat when it comes to being represented on a nationwide level. We would like to hear North Queensland's voice in Canberra, not the other way around," said KAP's candidate for Herbert.

The topic of a divided Queensland has seen some attention in the past, but has never really taken hold as a full-fledged independence movement. Mr Dwyer, a member of the North Queensland Working Group, intends to change that.

"The UK left the European union because they no longer had a voice to be heard on their own matters. North Queensland has been mistreated and underrepresented for too long, so I hope that we will follow suit," he said.

"Once these economies have stabilised we will see these self sufficient states flourish with a government focused on its people.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson, a staunch advocate for the Leave campaign has likened the referendum to a prison break, stating: "This is like the jailer has accidentally left the door of the jail open and people can see the sunlit land beyond. And everybody is suddenly wrangling about the terrors of the world outside. Actually it would be wonderful. It would be a huge weight lifted from British business.”

Mr Dwyer has called on voters to unite three electorates in Northern Queensland by voting for Katter's Australian Party, a move that he believes would eventually pave the way for an independent North Queensland state. "By uniting Herbert, Kennedy and Leichhardt under KAP we have a chance to make real and meaningful changes in Canberra that will bring growth to the region and finally help North Queenslanders get their fair share."

KAP Member for Mt Isa Rob Katter believes the Brexit is a sign of a changing global mentality that is placing focus back on self reliance and production.

"For too long the world has moved to centralise economies and lose their independence, we are seeing that tide turn," Mr Katter said.

"These nations are being built dependent on other economies and unable to stand on their own, I don't want the same to happen to North Queensland.

"KAP will always be focused on regions, jobs and a self sufficient economy," he said.

Brexit is golden for our beef and sugar

"The first win was the fact that for the first time, a major country has said, 'no more globalisation, we are a sovereign state," KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter said.

"The second win was what this exit has created, a giant opening for our sugar and beef. There has been a virtual embargo upon any sugar going into Europe to compete against Europe's sugar. Three hundred per cent more expensive than Australian sugar. Similarly with beef."

"Brexit should be a golden opportunity for the beef and sugar industries".

The history making Brexit vote overturns Britain's decision in 1973 to join the EU, which had an abysmal effect on Australian agriculture.

"I'd like to remind the people that when Britain joined the European Economic Community (EEC) it had a dramatic effect on Australian agriculture exports, particularly beef and sugar. Prior to 1973, Australia's main export was to Great Britain.

"The EEC reduced imports of beef from outside countries significantly. It placed sky-high tariffs on our country. It also ended our Commonwealth Sugar Agreement. After 1973, they would only import sugar from producing countries signatory to the Lomé Convention (not Australia).

"It's been difficult at times, even impossible to get sugar and beef into the EU and the UK. The British have been paying through the roof. It's fair to say that over the last decade we could have supplied sugar and beef far cheaper than Europe could have supplied under its closed shop arrangements.

"We hadn’t been able to break that market at all, there's nothing we could do. But now, KAP will explore every opportunity to advance markets for our people. The continual loss of manufacturing capacity and declining agricultural viability in Australia must be turned around to secure jobs and food production for the future of all Australians."

Longman's Katter Candidate praises advancement in 3D prosthetic ear printing technology

Longman's Katter Candidate praises advancement in 3D prosthetic ear printing technology

Katter’s Australian Party ‘Man with the 3D Plan’ today spoke in praise of the Channel 7 article featuring Colleen Murray’s prosthetic ear replacement in Melbourne.

“These are the sort of life changing moments that can become everyday events if you, Longman voters, have the courage to help build my vision here in Caboolture.” Mr Kennedy said when hearing of the Channel feature last night.

“The people of Longman will be able to achieve similar results and organ and limb replacements will be able to be performed right here in Caboolture. The future is here in Longman and the future in all manufacturing is 3D print manufacturing. My proposed 3D Print university, research and manufacturing facility will bring Australia into the 21st Century. Along with it will come thousands of jobs to the 3D park and area while saving our motor vehicle industry and returning money, jobs and prosperity to the people of Longman, and all Australians.

“Bob Katter has worked tirelessly to save our assets, now it’s your turn to bring back the jobs that so often have been exported overseas,” KAP candidate Brad Kennedy said today.

The KAP candidate has worked tirelessly on this project including paying his own way this year to China to visit a similar project being developed there.

“Now is the time to act as the technology is still in its infancy. To miss this opportunity is to rob our children of what is a very exciting period in our history. I have the passion and the persistence to see this through and I ask you, the voters of Longman, to come with me on this journey and vote 1 Brad Kennedy on Saturday,” the Katter candidate said today.

Sugar marketing uncertainty under LNP

Sugar marketing uncertainty under LNP

The Sugar industry is at risk of reverting to the deregulated marketing model of the past if the LNP is returned this Federal election.

Last year Katter’s Australian Party effectively negotiated a tailor made sugar marketing act (the Real Choice in Marketing Bill) through the Parliament in order to return stability to the industry and bring balance back to the business relations with farmers and millers providing huge relief to sugar producers and their communities.

“The trouble for these producers and their communities is that a returned Federal coalition will just as likely overturn the arrangements bringing further uncertainty to the sugar industry” Mr Walton said.

“What we expect next is the next Treasurer directing the NCC (National Competition Council) to analyse the Bill and direct the Council to provide its advice to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

“No doubt what will follow is that the Commonwealth will use its power to impose the flawed competition laws followed by the ACCC and overturn the State laws of Queensland,” said KAP Queensland Senate Candidate Rowell Walton.

“The Commonwealth body in charge of competition rules has provided the legislative framework to allow the delivery to the Australian people of a massive monopoly in the Coles and Woollies retail monster as well as the banking Monopoly, both which are responsible for destroying livelihoods of primary producers. This was not acceptable to the people of our nation and it still isn’t. It’s time to fight,” Mr Walton said. 

Live Exports Must Remain

Live Exports Must Remain

Katter’s Australian Party Senate Candidate Rowell Walton said KAP would not allow Australians to Ban the Live export of cattle.

“Our producers have no ability to find a home for cattle inside the domestic market and so export is the only way forward,” he said.

“These dreadful pictures horrify everybody. They demonstrate a clear failure of the Federal government and authorities to maintain decent standards in transport and killing of cattle.

“Live export must go on though. Farmers are doing it tough enough without the government kicking them while they are down,” Mr Walton commented.

“Not one single Australian would feel a modicum of satisfaction with the present situation. It demonstrates government failures to oversee the standards we all expect,”  he said.

“But what we all know from the debacle precipitated by the Labor government’s 2011 export suspension is that domestic producers unfairly suffer from a cattle price collapse if there is a pause in live export. Any reduction in live export will lead to a repeat situation.

“Anyone advocating banning, or even a suspension of, live export is out of touch and would not want to poke their heads up in the cattle industry,” Mr Walton said.

“There will be no ability for cattle producers to absorb the shock of a price collapse. The only way to fix this problem is for the authorities to do their work and see this very poor behaviour is remedied. It’s way past time for it to be fixed,” he said.

It is the KAP’s view that the role of governments is to protect our industries rather than sweep government failings under the carpets and sheet the blame home to farmers. They should do so while raising standards to reflect contemporary husbandry.   

Katter's Brad Kennedy out-innovates the assistant Minister for Innovation in Longman

Katter's Brad Kennedy out-innovates the assistant Minister for Innovation in Longman

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate Brad Kennedy in an interview with the ABC’s premier announcer Steve Austin yesterday released his plan nationally for a 3D Park University and 3D print manufacturing facility that could change Longman forever and lead Australia into this new world of manufacturing.

When asked about the massive project that has the potential to bring thousands of jobs into the area while working towards reducing our balance of trade the candidate known in Longman as “The Man with the 3D Plan” explained:

“The time is right now.  With our Car industry being dismantled we have the knowledge and know how to drive this technology to the next level. If Australia doesn’t act now we will be paying royalties to other countries that do for the next 1 to 200 years. The Chinese and Europeans are already addressing the advances in this technology and we cannot wait while our politicians sit on their hands delivering slogans and rhetoric. Our time is now.”  Said Katter’s innovative candidate Brad Kennedy.

Mr Kennedy went on to explain that the vision had advanced since the State Leader Robbie Katter had announced the plan in Longman some three weeks ago.  Although commitment from State, Council and Federal bodies would be required Mr Kennedy was confident that a deal could be struck.  When asked whether other politicians had been interested in his plan.  Mr Kennedy replied:

“Only Robbie and Bob Katter so far, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.  While the others argue about whether Medicare is to be privatised or not, or who is preferencing who in what seat, I am getting on with the Job. Hung Parliaments, when an electorate has a minor party representative, deliver magic for their constituents. This is an opportunity that the people of Longman or Australia, for that matter, cannot miss.  I have a vision and plan for the district and I would be happy to work with politicians of all persuasions with my passion to achieve this for Longman and Australia.” Katter’s “3D Man with the Plan” said today.

“We must advance and own this technology in Australia. People will see that Katter’s Australian party does have an alternative vision for Australia.  One that can be built on small business using the world’s best clean technology that will deliver us from our current drive into debt and reliance on everything we buy.  Mr Kennedy said today.

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