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Live Exports Must Remain

Live Exports Must Remain

Katter’s Australian Party Senate Candidate Rowell Walton said KAP would not allow Australians to Ban the Live export of cattle.

“Our producers have no ability to find a home for cattle inside the domestic market and so export is the only way forward,” he said.

“These dreadful pictures horrify everybody. They demonstrate a clear failure of the Federal government and authorities to maintain decent standards in transport and killing of cattle.

“Live export must go on though. Farmers are doing it tough enough without the government kicking them while they are down,” Mr Walton commented.

“Not one single Australian would feel a modicum of satisfaction with the present situation. It demonstrates government failures to oversee the standards we all expect,”  he said.

“But what we all know from the debacle precipitated by the Labor government’s 2011 export suspension is that domestic producers unfairly suffer from a cattle price collapse if there is a pause in live export. Any reduction in live export will lead to a repeat situation.

“Anyone advocating banning, or even a suspension of, live export is out of touch and would not want to poke their heads up in the cattle industry,” Mr Walton said.

“There will be no ability for cattle producers to absorb the shock of a price collapse. The only way to fix this problem is for the authorities to do their work and see this very poor behaviour is remedied. It’s way past time for it to be fixed,” he said.

It is the KAP’s view that the role of governments is to protect our industries rather than sweep government failings under the carpets and sheet the blame home to farmers. They should do so while raising standards to reflect contemporary husbandry.   

Katter's Brad Kennedy out-innovates the assistant Minister for Innovation in Longman

Katter's Brad Kennedy out-innovates the assistant Minister for Innovation in Longman

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate Brad Kennedy in an interview with the ABC’s premier announcer Steve Austin yesterday released his plan nationally for a 3D Park University and 3D print manufacturing facility that could change Longman forever and lead Australia into this new world of manufacturing.

When asked about the massive project that has the potential to bring thousands of jobs into the area while working towards reducing our balance of trade the candidate known in Longman as “The Man with the 3D Plan” explained:

“The time is right now.  With our Car industry being dismantled we have the knowledge and know how to drive this technology to the next level. If Australia doesn’t act now we will be paying royalties to other countries that do for the next 1 to 200 years. The Chinese and Europeans are already addressing the advances in this technology and we cannot wait while our politicians sit on their hands delivering slogans and rhetoric. Our time is now.”  Said Katter’s innovative candidate Brad Kennedy.

Mr Kennedy went on to explain that the vision had advanced since the State Leader Robbie Katter had announced the plan in Longman some three weeks ago.  Although commitment from State, Council and Federal bodies would be required Mr Kennedy was confident that a deal could be struck.  When asked whether other politicians had been interested in his plan.  Mr Kennedy replied:

“Only Robbie and Bob Katter so far, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.  While the others argue about whether Medicare is to be privatised or not, or who is preferencing who in what seat, I am getting on with the Job. Hung Parliaments, when an electorate has a minor party representative, deliver magic for their constituents. This is an opportunity that the people of Longman or Australia, for that matter, cannot miss.  I have a vision and plan for the district and I would be happy to work with politicians of all persuasions with my passion to achieve this for Longman and Australia.” Katter’s “3D Man with the Plan” said today.

“We must advance and own this technology in Australia. People will see that Katter’s Australian party does have an alternative vision for Australia.  One that can be built on small business using the world’s best clean technology that will deliver us from our current drive into debt and reliance on everything we buy.  Mr Kennedy said today.

Katter's Brad Kennedy asks Wyatt Roy "Is this the thin edge of the Wedge for Medicare?"

Katter's Brad Kennedy asks Wyatt Roy

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate Brad Kennedy today called on Wyatt Roy to come clean on how much of our medical history will be safe from overseas bankers.

“Is this the thin edge of the wedge for Medicare?” asked the Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for Longman.

Mr Kennedy was responding to a recent radio interview whereby Wyatt Roy had stated that private enterprise is better at processing payments, etc. and even gave the State’s failed health systems software as an example.

“Now that Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that the Medicare’s payment system will be privatised. I want to know now before going to the polls, how much of Medicare is to be privatised and will our medical records be compromised.” Longman’s Candidate Brad Kennedy said today.

“You stated that banks are better than government at these sorts of systems so does that mean that Medicare’s payments and processing could be handled by a foreign bank using cheap labour similar to many of our credit card providers today? Will the public and our doctors have to wait in line for hours only to get an operator based on labour costs in some foreign country, and how much information will those operators have? Longman’s KAP Candidate Brad Kennedy asked today.

The people of Longman have had to suffer one of the State’s highest youth unemployment rates, massive underemployment and one of highest suicide rates in Australia throughout your term in government. I think it’s only fair with this record that you come clean and confirm or deny that our records will be safe,” Katter’s “Man with the 3D Plan” said today.

KAP Fight For Bush This Budget

KAP Fight For Bush This Budget

The KAP are calling for a number of industry building infrastructure projects and drought support packages in the upcoming budget.

"We believe there should be a refocus on small business, agriculture and large scale projects which could benefit a number of people in the community," Mr Katter said.

With a year of the Palaszczuk Government under their belt, Member for Mt Isa Rob Katter and Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth are hopeful the KAP's strong position on regional funding will secure some long term economic drivers for rural and regional Queensland.

"Communities in two thirds of Queensland's landmass are suffering, that's a huge portion of our state. Clearly we need to reinvigorate and stabilise the industries that support and surround them - that is the making of a smart government," Mr Katter said.

Primarily the KAP is focused on the government following through on rural town building packages highlighted in recommendations put forward by the Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce earlier this year.

"The Rural Debt and Drought taskforce report detailed a number of ways to address issues existing in rural Queensland," Mr Katter said.

“Simple solutions such as extending access to financial assistance for children’s education will help areas gripped by the debt crisis," he said.

Mr Katter believes an extended QRAA facility which will serve as a reconstruction board as proposed in his Rural and Regional Adjustment (Development Assistance) Amendment Bill should be included in the budget agenda.

“If we are serious about attending to the debt and drought problem in rural Queensland the government must take this on board," Mr Katter said.

Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth says a reconstruction facility as proposed by the bill will provide the funds to develop a number of issues.

"Debt is the number one issue in these regional economies; it affects towns, businesses, properties and the individuals operating them.

"This facility driven by the findings in the taskforce will help build back sustainability and development of Queensland’s industry and agricultural sector.
Mr Knuth is expecting the government to follow through on a number of vital shared infrastructure projects for North Queensland.

"For a long time we have waited on a commitment from the state government to deliver on shared facilities such as the Flinders highway and the Gregory Development Road, and Hell's Gate dam," he said.

"These projects will allow a multitude of industries to build on business opportunities and extend our competitive ability as a region.”

Meet KAP Candidate for Maranoa Rick Gurnett

Meet KAP Candidate for Maranoa Rick Gurnett

REGIONAL issues will be at the forefront of discussions when voters have an opportunity to meet the Katter's Australian Party candidates this weekend.

Rob Katter (KAP state leader), Rowell Walton (KAP senate candidate), Rick Gurnett (KAP federal candidate for Maranoa) and Ken Elliott (KAP candidate for the upcoming Toowoomba South By-election) will be on hand to listen to the concerns and ideas of residents at Talgai Homestead on Saturday afternoon.

"We are looking forward to meeting with Warwick and introducing them to our team," Mr Katter said.

"We are a party of real people with real plans for Australia."

"With just a handful of members in seats we have achieved great things for rural and regional areas, with the help of the voters of the Darling Downs we hope to achieve even more," he said.

Mr Gurnett is committed to giving the voters of Maranoa a better choice.

"The major parties have forgotten about regional Queensland – with the KAP we will be focussing on jobs creation, industry development and economic stimulation in these areas," he said.

“We are also the only party that is protecting the rights of small business and landholders.”

Standing up for important local issues was a priority for Mr Elliott.

“We have to unlock the potential of Queensland – and that starts with ‘average Queenslanders’ in rural areas,” he said.

“The KAP will stand up for the people of regional Queensland on the issues that matter.”

Mr Walton said the KAP was looking forward to putting more runs on the board for rural areas.

“The KAP is focused on industry enabling initiatives, especially in the agriculture sector,” he said.

“We have already scored some big wins with sugar, ethanol and are working hard at state level to solve the issue of rural debt.”

KAP Draws Favourable Senate Voting Ticket

KAP Draws Favourable Senate Voting Ticket

Katter’s Australia Party Senate had drawn well on the senate voting ticket being number 9 and is the very first of the minor parties among a number of micro parties.

The number one candidate Rowell Walton said “I am very satisfied that the position will mean many of those who had decided not to vote for one of the major parties would put a number one in Katter's Box.”

"It means Katter's are well and truly on track for one senator and depending on how Queenslanders think on the day we may be in the running for two Quotas,” he said.

There are 38 total groups above the line, and voting will be a bit of a chore for many voters. It will be difficult for those who have not been paying attention to work out the system of voting six above the line and twelve below.

"Naturally the power that Queenslanders can exercise will translate into full representation for them if we succeed," Mr Walton said.

"The possibilities are tantalising that Queensland may hold the balance of power in the Senate."

Mr Walton said “Just focus on putting a [1] in the Katter’s Australian Party Box and then number five others.

This will give Queensland some power in Canberra as effective representation is used to get the state on the move.

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