Castaways rebuild the icing on Cassowary Coast revival cake

Castaways rebuild the icing on Cassowary Coast revival cake

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter and State Member for Hill Shane Knuth MP have today applauded the owners of Castaways on the Beach Resort at Mission Beach for their $70m hotel expansion plan, branding the project ‘absolutely essential’ and that the project will take the Cassowary Coast region to new heights in prosperity and growth.

The existing resort has been a significant drawcard to Mission Beach for almost 50 years, with a refurbishment taking place in 2010 the hotel continues to operate at maximum capacity almost year-round.

Once complete in 2020, the expansion will provide a $70m cash injection into the region’s economy and will generate hundreds of jobs in construction and operations as well as stimulate the surrounding tourism, hospitality and retail industries.  

Mr Katter said, “The redevelopment of Bedarra Island Resort by Sam and Kerri-Anne Charlton restored a dozen or so jobs. Despite media reports, Adam Bond has done very good work toward the restoration of Dunk Island where we have lost 120 jobs after Yasi, but the biggest, harmonious tourist development north of the Sunshine Coast is Castaways.

“John Elliott of Elders fame and John Lions the entrepreneur from Townsville had their dream for Castaways, and please God at long last it looks like it is coming true with the mission and determination with one of the more prominent businessmen in Australia, James Neville-Smith.  James is married to one of the Morts. Helen Mort-Wiltshire the famous artist was the Queen of the many and the leader of the Mission Beach community before her untimely death. She is one of maybe the nation’s six great artists.

“But nowhere on earth do you get the deepest jungle down to a beautiful beach. And this is high elevation jungle (not rainforest, but jungle). We have a beautiful waterfall on every street corner and it is a place where you haven’t got imbecilic councillors who chop down all your coconut trees.

“There are plans that are not public yet to build one of the bigger crocodile sanctuaries in the world.  We’re in the last stages of the Mission Beach Clump Point Breakwater that will give us safe access to the Great Barrier Reef, which the entire Paradise Coast between Townsville and Cairns did not have up until now.

“The parties are very strong for harmonious, nature enhancement developments.

“With the international white-water rafting event on soon, we should have six major tourist attractions which will rival any other tourist package that anyone else on earth could offer.  We don’t want the Gold Coast white sea of cement; these projects are designed to see coconut trees and the natural landscape, not concrete.”

KAP Member for Hill Shane Knuth shares the enthusiasm for the project.

“The whole community is excited about the expansion. Obviously, Mission Beach has been belted around with cyclones, a lack of decision making, and ongoing unfavourable weather conditions making it tough in tourism - we’ve seen a number of businesses close at the Beach.

This development will help breathe life into the region.”

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