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The week that was



Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy

  • During the week various constituent issues throughout the electorate.
  • Attended Dinner held by Australian Council of Trade Unions in Brisbane
  • Meeting in Melbourne with Barristers and a group of Taxi Owners from throughout Queensland relative to Taxi Licencing and the introduction of UBER.
  • Various meetings with prospective KAP Candidates
  • Meeting in Atherton relative to Navua Sedge grass a destructive grass, When it overtakes paddocks it destroys them.
  • East Palmerston Hall Dinner  (monthly event for residents of this community)
  • Innisfail Markets tomorrow Saturday in Innisfail (if they are not rained out) and the Currajah Pig Hunt Weigh In at Wangan in the afternoon

Nick Dametto, State Member for Hinchinbrook


  • Attended the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving Queensland 2017/2018 Season review on Monday.
  • Joined a Parliamentary Christian Fellowship breakfast before paying tribute to former Member for Hinchinbrook, the late Marc Rowell, in a speech to parliament on Tuesday.
  • Provided an update to parliament on Wednesday regarding the situation at Port Hinchinbrook and called on the State Government to dredge One Mile Creek.
  • He also met with Queensland treasurer Jackie Trad to discuss funding for Panama TR4 disease.
  • Blasted Suncorp’s decision to close its Ingham bank branch as yet another low blow for the community following the closure of ANZ’s Ingham branch last month.


Robbie Katter, State Member for Traeger

  • Highlights for the week in Brisbane for Robbie included meeting with ministers to discuss crime issues and meeting with the Minister to discuss transport issues regarding the Townsville to Mount Isa rail line.
  • He made a number of addresses in Parliament, including on the Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 1 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill. He also spokes on the high crime rate in Mount Isa.
  • Robbie also this week attended the Parliamentary Friends of Rugby League function.

What's On



Nick Dametto, Member for Hinchinbrook

  • Hinchinbrook electorate office will be holding a “meet and greet” for local constituents at the Hinchinbrook electorate office next Friday from 4pm.
  • Nick Dametto will join forces with Bob Katter and a host of guest speakers to chair a Youth Relocation Sentencing Forum at St Anthony’s Catholic College in Joanne St, Townsville from 6pm on June 7. Local residents concerned about rampant crime in the Townsville and Ingham areas are urged to attend.

Message from the President



The Queensland taxi Industry is in turmoil due to the Queensland Government’s failure to properly regulate the ride sharing business, Uber.

Taxi owners estimate that prior to ride sharing being allowed in Australia, their taxi licences were valued at over $500,000 and now since ride sharing, the value has declined to around $100,000. Taxi drivers are now struggling to pay their debts and support their families.  It is time for the Queensland Government to stand up and take responsibility for failing the taxi industry.

 Instead of supporting our hardworking Australians in a long-standing, trusted industry, we let a foreign corporation operate here unregulated and unenforced.   Queensland has enforced taxi licencing laws for over 80 years and yet not only did Uber go unprosecuted for not following these laws,  the government changed the laws for them.

This is yet another example of foreign corporations coming in and taking Australian industry, job security and futures away.  Worse than that, they have been allowed to do it by the very people that are supposed to be protecting Australians - our government.

This week, Kennedy MP Bob Katter attended a meeting in Melbourne with taxi owners, prominent QCs and lawyers to look into legal action against the Queensland Government who allowed Uber to operate in the state.  Mr Katter said that the taxi delegation pursuing compensation against the Queensland Government were dealing with the best lawyers in the country and they remained very confident they were going to win.

Katter’s Australian Party have had enough of this. We want our industry to remain ours so that we as a nation can benefit from its growth.   

Join us in this fight. We need your help. 

Together, we will have our voices heard.

If you would like to become a member or if you know someone who would like to become a member please phone our friendly team at KAP’s head office on 07 4401 5037.

Shane Paulger
KAP President

Banks turn their backs on regional Queensland



Just weeks after ANZ packed up their branch in Ingham, Suncorp has announced it will follow suit by closing its doors.

KAP Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter said the regional township of Ingham would be feeling the pain of a second branch closure.

“It’s another blow for jobs in regional areas which are already struggling with under employment,’’ he said.

“These banks are happy to take the communities’ money when the times are good but they won’t stick by their communities.

“Banks are predicated on the bottom line, that’s all they care about. They don’t care about people, communities or jobs.’’

Mr Katter said the Australian Government was quick to rush to the aid of the banks during the Global Financial Crisis, underwriting them to the tune of billions of dollars.

“These banks are reporting billion dollar profits year in year out so they can’t possible expect people to believe shutting branches that are vital to regional towns, is going to affect their business.

“ANZ just announced a half yearly profit of $3.3 billion while Suncorp’s half yearly profit was $452 million.

“I think it’s time we created a regional, government-backed bank. The KAP’s Rural and Regional Development Bank policy calls for a new lender that focusses on filling the regional lending gap created by private lenders.’’

Katter calls for help on crime



KAP State Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter has called for urgent government intervention following the escalation of violent assaults occurring in Mount Isa, fuelled by Northern Territory itinerants.

“The levels of crime in Mount Isa have become very acute, very quickly,’’ he said.

“We see a pattern of spikes in violent crimes and robberies aligning with a sudden influx of itinerants into Mount Isa from the Northern Territory.

“In the past two weeks we have seen 92-year-old woman bashed and robbed in her own home, a 35-year-old man was allegedly bashed by three teenagers and who ended up in the intensive care unit in Townsville and we have also seen a woman allegedly bashed by three teenagers after they robbed her store.

“Mount Isa is becoming the sink hole for problems in this region and most of the problems are alcohol related.

Police statistics show the numbers of assaults have jumped from 833 in 2015 to 1087 in 2017 while unlawful entry – such as home invasions – has exploded from 364 in 2015 to 679.

Figures also show non-sexual offences against the person have increased by 20 per cent in the past ten years in Mount Isa.

“Our police have just launched a special operation to deal with this problem,’’ Mr Katter said.

“They will patrolling roads leading into Mount Isa and will be sorting out the trouble makers and encouraging them to turn back home if they are planning to cause trouble.

“It’s a credit to our local police that they are engaging with this problem but our region needs more resources.

“The itinerants don’t just breeze through Mount Isa. They will often stay for several months because they have no money left to return home. This results in overcrowding in homes in Mount Isa and people putting up tents in the riverbed, all of which puts a huge strain on the Department of Housing and other resources in the town.

“The people who have had their homes overrun by the visitors are too scared to kick their relatives out creating an inevitable situation of overcrowding which leads to arguments and domestic violence issues.

Sergeant Chris Mitchell of Mount Isa said police launched a special operation on May 1.

“While we welcome visitors to Mount Isa, police will running an operation to monitor the roads leading to Mount Isa from the Northern Territory and ensuring visitors have the means to support themselves during their stay and the means to get themselves back home,’’ he said.

“A sudden influx of people into Mount Isa does place a strain on government resources. An extra two police officers from the Public Safety Response Team from Brisbane will be joining Mount Isa police to provide support during the operation.

“We will be working with our partner agencies to ensure everyone’s safety during the event season in Mount Isa and urge those visiting Mount Isa to respect their country when they travel.’’

He said police were also spreading the message of responsible alcohol supply by traders in Mount Isa. 

Dametto fights for Regional first home owners



Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto has taken up the fight with REIQ for first home buyers living in smaller regional centres today in Parliament.


Currently the State Government first home owner’s grant of $20,000 only applies to new houses and not to existing houses, disadvantaging younger people wanting to remain in smaller centres.


“The first home owners grant is a good scheme with initial intentions to invigorate the building industry and alleviate the strain on first home buyers, however it inadvertently discriminates against first home buyer’s living in smaller regional centres,” said Mr Dametto.


“These centres are different to metro areas. Economies are flat, limited or no housing developments are occurring and there is already a surplus of existing affordable housing.”


“The REIQ have been fighting for this change for quite some time. I asked the Deputy Premier in parliament today about reviewing the current policy and was given the assurance that the policy will be looked at. I will be following this up as I firmly believe this will assist smaller communities throughout the state retain young families, which in turn grows these communities.”


REIQ Regional Zone Chairman Wayne Nicholson has supported Mr Dametto, saying he and other regional counterparts have also called for changes to the unbalanced current scheme.


“Regional centres have ample supply of good affordable existing homes which are ideal for first home buyers and opening up the scheme to allow the grant to apply to first home buyers, purchasing existing homes in regional centres, would drive sales, which in turn would allow the sellers to upscale and so the cycle moves forward,” he said.  “To grow a tree you have to plant a seed at ground level.”


Dametto said, “Instead of spending time in parliament arguing over irrelevant issues, the KAP would rather concentrate on those issues that benefit regional communities.”

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