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Are we serious? My oath!


KAP is so serious about members of parliament properly representing their constituents, we want to introduce a new oath.

At the swearing in of the next parliament, we want all elected politicians to take an oath that states they will always put their electorate’s interests above their party’s when they vote.

KAP is also calling on the leaders of all political parties to immediately sign a public declaration stating no MPs will be punished for acting in the best interests of their electorate, even if that means voting against their party.

Robbie Katter has already put his money where his mouth is.

“As State Leader I’ve already signed a declaration and I’m very keen to take the oath if I’m re-elected,” Robbie said.

KAP’s Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth said putting the people that voted you in to office above all else has always been how KAP operates.

“We are very proud of our party policy that ensures each member votes in the interest of their electorate above all else,” Shane said.

“Robbie and I have voted differently on occasions when our electorates have had different needs.”

KAP backs law-abiding firearms owners


This week in Queensland State Parliament, KAP stood up for law-abiding firearm owners, but were outvoted by Labor and the LNP.

Changes have subsequently been made to the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) that penalise law-abiding gun owners and do nothing to improve community safety.

Robbie Katter urged people to look past the emotion of the issue to ensure our laws are based on evidence and fairness.

“The changes to the National Firearms Agreement have absolutely no empirical or practical justification,” Robbie said.

“These laws do nothing to address community safety. What they do, is punish law-abiding gun owners.”

KAP is serious about community safety and protecting people from gun violence. But these changes to the NFA are not the way to do it.

KAP wants a range of measures to increase community safety, including a permanent amnesty, real time licence verification and better mail and customs screening to stop illegal weapons entering the country.

KAP will continue to unashamedly stand up for law-abiding firearms owners including farmers and sporting shooters.

Urgent action needed on crocs


KAP wants urgent action on its Safer Waterways bill after a suspected fatal crocodile attack in North Queensland this week.

It is believed Anne Cameron, 79, was killed by a crocodile near Port Douglas this week.

KAP’s Shane Knuth introduced the Safer Waterways bill into Queensland Parliament in May, in a bid to stop people dying from crocodile attacks.

As it stands, the bill will not be voted on until next year. Shane has already put up a motion asking the parliament to deal with the bill urgently because it’s a safety issue. Labor and the LNP voted against dealing with it urgently.

The Safer Waterways Bill will make it mandatory for rogue crocodiles to be removed from populated waterways in Queensland. Rogue crocodiles are crocs that pose a threat to human safety – including crocodiles lurking in urban areas and outback swimming holes. Rogue crocodiles could be killed by an authorised person, or relocated to a crocodile farm. Rogue crocodiles cannot be relocated to another waterway, to eliminate the risk of them attacking people.

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter said Mrs Cameron’s death had renewed the party’s determination to prevent similar incidents occurring again.

“It behoves the Government now to recognise that these are real threats faced up there, real things that happen to people because of lack of action here and through these most tragic circumstances we need to recognise our responsibility here in parliament to respond,” Robbie said.

“We can shoot kangaroos, we can shoot pigs, we can shoot wild dogs, we can shoot koalas in this country but we can’t shoot crocodiles.”

“That seems to be unpalatable to politicians and unfortunately up in North Queensland we face the risks and sometimes the ultimate price because our governments are weak on this issue,” Robbie said.

Shane Knuth said he was appalled KAP’s Safer Waterways bill hadn’t been considered urgent in parliament.

“When it comes to what the government’s doing, yeah, they’re putting up croc signs, they’re doing counts, but this is not going to alleviate the problems where you’ve got attacks on human, attacks on dogs,” Shane said.

“This is a very sad moment for Queensland.”

You can make a difference by contacting your local MP and telling them to support KAP’s Safer Waterways Bill, and telling them you want it dealt with urgently.

What's On


Catch up with Bob Katter and KAP’s Candidate for Whitsunday Jenny Whitney this weekend.

Bob and Jenny will be at the Whitsunday Lion’s Markets on Saturday 14 October from 8am to 10am. They would love to chat to you about local issues, please stop in and say hello. The markets are at The Esplanade, Airlie Beach.

If that’s too early for you, you can catch Bob and Jenny in Main Street, Prosperpine on Saturday morning from 10am.

They will visit the Calen Hotel on McIntyre Street, Calen from 1.45pm on Saturday and be at the Kuttabul Hotel from 2.45pm.

Your last chance to catch up with Bob and Jenny on Saturday will be at 3.30pm at Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre.

If you can’t make these times but would like to get in contact, you can email Jenny at

Message from the President


Katter’s Australian Party is here to look after you. Unlike the major parties, we’re not here to serve ourselves. So get in contact with our new KAP HQ in Townsville and tell them what issues are affecting you.

In case you missed the last edition of Real News, KAP HQ is now open at 2/321 Sturt Street, Townsville.

It’s important to us that we are representing people properly. The best way for us to do that is to hear from you about the issues you’re facing.

Maybe you’re passionate about policy reform in a particular area. We want to hear from you.

Get in touch with our team in KAP HQ. You can call them on 07 4401 5037. They’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we’ll keep up the good fight.

Shane Paulger


Pub Licence Fees


Katter’s Australian Party is a step closer to slashing pub licence fees for outback pubs – which currently pay the same licence fees as hotels in Brisbane’s CBD.

Pubs are much, much more than just a place to drink in the bush. They’re a critical part of the local community.

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter’s Pub Licence Fees bill will make a massive difference to about 110 pubs in very remote Queensland. It will reduce the base fee for these hotels from about $3600 to around $360.

“We need to move away from a one-size fits all approach and recognise the small operators in remote Queensland and the service they provide to small communities,” Robbie said.

“In rural areas, a pub is a central place for lots of things. Tourists travelling through the town will stop for directions. In some communities, the local pub provides the only internet service and the only accommodation in town. Without pubs like these, the towns would collapse, along with the social fabric of the town. It’s madness that these publicans have the pay $3500 in licence fees the same as a pub in Brisbane,” Robbie said.

When a bill is introduced into Queensland Parliament, it gets referred to a Parliamentary Committee. The Parliamentary Committee investigates the bill and recommends whether or not the bill should be passed.

The great news is – the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee recommended KAP’s Pub Licence Fees bill be passed.

Now we need enough politicians in Queensland Parliament to vote in support of the bill for it to pass and become law.

This is where we need your help! Please contact your local Member of Parliament and tell them you want them to support KAP’s Pub Licence Fees Bill. You can email them or call them.

We will keep you up to date with the bill’s progress. 

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