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Good news for Mareeba


Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has thanked the people who rallied to get $2million in additional funding for health services in Mareeba.


Mr Katter last week received confirmation that the funding had been approved by the Federal Health Minister, for the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (PHN) to support delivery of primary care services at Mareeba, including:

· $1 million over two years (2017-18 and 2018-19) to address gaps in after-hours services; and
· $1 million in 2017-18 to support a Primary Healthcare Development Program focused on reducing hospitalisations and strengthening local general practice.


“I want to personally thank – and the community owes a huge debt of gratitude to – Ross Cardillo, Denis McKinley and the 1000 people who turned up for the Save the Mareeba Hospital meeting and spoke up with aggression (Barry Simpson was one of many). I must also single out Robyn Greenfield, who has been advising me personally in this matter, and Dr Grant Manypeney – their specialist knowledge and assistance has been invaluable. I also want to put on public record my thanks to Minister Greg Hunt for meeting with me almost straight away and actioning the problem within the week,” Mr Katter said.


Mr Katter said he would discuss further with the PHN – headed by Rod Catton and Trent Twomey, “both excellent people, in charge of this money” – whether the extra funding would “achieve the purpose of being able to provide outpatients medical services under Bulk Billing-type arrangements”.


“Because if it can’t, then we’ve lost our free hospital system – and it will be the first time in 120 years that Mareeba has gone without a free hospital system,” said Mr Katter.


Mr Katter said Mareeba – which had a strong history of fighting issues of national significance, such as the Rural Action Council’s Johnny Gambino, Makse Srhoj, Scotty Dixon, Bernie O’Shea and Joe Moro securing the Federal farm assistance welfare grants for over 11,000 Australian families – “has once again had to take the leadership in the battle to preserve our free hospital system in Australia”.


“It seems very unfair to me that Mareeba has to constantly take national leadership in this area. But then again, it was the Mareeba area under local MP ‘Red’ Ted Theodore that introduced the free hospital system – the first in the world,” Mr Katter said.


But he warned the community against any complacency. “I don’t want anyone to think this battle is over – if the Qld Government wants warfare, they’ll get it. Our guns are primed and we’re ready for combat.”

What a Croc

What a Croc

KAP’s Safer Waterways bill – aimed at stopping crocodiles killing people – won’t be voted on for nine months, under current parliamentary rules which disadvantage non-government members putting bills forward.

KAP’s Shane Knuth said he will move to have this sped up as soon as parliament resumes.

“It’s an absolute joke,” Shane said. “People’s lives are in danger and because of how the parliamentary system works, the bill can’t be voted on for nine months. It’s amazing how the major parties manage to rush legislation through when it suits them. Let’s see just how serious they are about people’s safety. If they care about it at all, they’ll allow the Safer Waterways Bill to be voted on sooner.”

KAP introduced the Safer Waterways Bill on 25 May this year. It is currently in the committee stage – where the committee consults with stakeholders and prepares a report about the bill. Government bills usually pass through the committee stage within two or three months. The committee is not due to hand up its report on the Safer Waterways Bill until 27 November. According to parliamentary rules, three months must pass after the committee report is handed down before the bill can be voted on. Therefore the earliest a vote could happen is 27 February, 2018.

Meanwhile, this year Government bills have been voted on as soon as 16 days after they’ve been introduced.

“We cannot sit around and wait for more people to die,” Shane said.

The Safer Waterways Bill would make it mandatory for rogue crocodiles to be culled or removed from any place they posed a threat to human safety, including boat ramps and swimming holes.

Significantly, the bill would also legalise regulated crocodile egg harvesting in Queensland, which could create a multi-million industry. Landholders would also be given the power to manage crocodiles on their own land, including allowing other people to come and hunt crocs on their land for a fee.

The committee is now accepting submissions about the Bill. You can make a submission by emailing Your submission must include your name and signature; if the submission is made on behalf of an organisation, the level of approval; and your mailing address, email address and telephone number.

What's On

What's On

Keep up to date with what KAP's MPs, Candidates and Branches are up to with our What's On section.



Robbie Katter will be at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Northern Gas Pipeline on Wednesdayat Phillip Creek Compressor Station, north of Tennant Creek. The pipeline will run from Tennant Creek to Mount Isa.

State of Origin – cheer on the Maroons and share your pics using #kap4qld



Robbie Katter will be in Hughenden on Thursday for a public roundtable consultation on his Liquor (Rural Hotels Concession) Amendment Bill 2017. The session starts at 11.30am at the Royal Hotel.

Catch up with Shane Knuth at the Innisfail Show this afternoon. Check out all of the show details here.


FRIDAY 14 July

Bob Katter MP and Shane Knuth MP will be at the Innisfail Show on Friday afternoon. Head along to catch up with them and say g’day.

The Mareeba Rodeo Festival Downtown Parade, Mardi Gras and Crowning Ceremony kicks off at 7.45 pm on Friday. Join KAP Candidate for Cook Gordon Rasmussen at the event. Read the full program here.

KAP in Calliope

KAP in Calliope

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter hosted a public meeting in Calliope last week. He was there with KAP’s Candidate for Callide, Robbie Radel.

Calliope has previously been part of the Gladstone electorate, but after the recently announced boundary changes, will now become part of Callide.

Robbie and Robbie visited Calliope to listen to locals about the issues they’re facing. They met with local residents, business owners and councillors.

“Calliope is a really interesting town,” Robbie Radel said. “Calliope is geographically very close to Gladstone, and a lot of locals work in Gladstone, but Calliope is very much its own independent community with its own identity.”

Robbie Radel said the main issues he learnt about on this visit to Calliope were:

-          The need for the new secondary school to be built;

-          The problem with parking and trucks regularly driving past the local primary school;

-          The positive impact an equestrian centre would have on the community;

Last Thursday’s visit is the first of many Robbie will make to Calliope. He’s committed to meeting as many locals as possible and listening to what matters to them.

Calliope residents are encouraged to get in touch with Robbie and have a chat to him about the issues they are facing, that he could address as the state representative for Callide.

You can call Robbie Radel on 0416 162 404 or email him at



Message from the President


They say there are three things you shouldn’t talk about; politics, religion, and money. Well I don’t mind if you want to keep religion and money to yourselves, but I’m urging you all to talk about politics.

To change Australia’s future, KAP needs more seats in both State and Federal Parliament.

To achieve this, we need to talk loud and clear about KAP and what it stands for. KAP is a serious political party with runs on the board to prove that we know what to do once we win seats in parliament.

KAP is serious about policy to improve Australia’s future. We don’t just talk about things, we act.

Take KAP’s track record in Queensland Parliament.

In Queensland’s history, only 14 private members’ bills have passed the parliament. Two of those are KAP bills.

KAP currently has five private members’ bills before the house waiting to be debated. That includes the Safer Waterways Bill. There has been lots of talk from the government and opposition and other minor parties about crocodiles, but it was KAP who acted and put a bill before the parliament.

To make sure our MPs can continue this work, and to make our voice more powerful, we need you to use your voice, and spread the word about what KAP is doing.

People often vote the way their parents vote, without an understanding of what they are voting for. Talk to people about who they vote for, and get them to understand that their vote counts, and that it’s important they understand exactly what they’re voting for. If they have been voting for the major parties, ask it what it has got them. Tell them about KAP, that we are a serious political party with serious policies, with the experience to properly represent them.

It’s in our hands.

Shane Paulger


Join Bob Katter MP on Q & A Monday 3 July 2017


Join Bob on Q&A

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, will be on ABC TV’s Q&A on Monday night.

Other panellists joining Bob will be:

·       Warren Snowdon – Shadow Assistant Minister for Indigenous Health

·       Jacinta Price – Alice Springs Council

·       Dale McIver – Chair of Tourism Central Australia

·       Josie Douglas – Senior Policy Officer, Central Land Council

The show will be filmed in Alice Springs and broadcast live on ABC at 9.35pm on Monday 3 July.

It’s not too late to submit a question to be asked on the night. You can submit a written question, or upload a video question. Got to Q&A’s website to get your question in.

Show your support for Bob on the night tweeting using the hashtag #QandA

Q&A is an ABC discussion program that has panellists talk about issues of the day. It has a live audience, and is hosted by ABC’s Tony Jones. Panellists are asked questions by the audience, via video or by other people (through the host) who have submitted questions online.


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