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KAP launches Whitsunday candidate


Katter’s Australian Party launched their candidate for the seat of Whitsunday on Wednesday, with well-known local Jenny Whitney diving in to the election race

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter and Jenny got a unique view of the electorate as they skydived over the pristine Whitsunday islands and Airlie Beach.

Robbie said he was thrilled that Jenny, a Proserpine business owner and former Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor, had decided to join the KAP.

 “KAP has been doing the heavy lifting in North Queensland and fighting for the rights of people in rural and regional Queensland for years now,” Robbie said.

“The people of the Whitsundays deserve strong representation and Jenny is the perfect candidate to join us in this fight.”

Jenny said she recognised the diverse needs of the Whitsundays and would fight to support tourism, agriculture and small business in the region.

“Cyclone Debbie devastated this region earlier this year and there are people who are still suffering and fighting to recover,” Jenny said.

“The two major parties are failing to deliver and the people deserve strong representation on the ground to ensure the region flourishes again.”

Jenny was born and raised in Mackay and has lived in the Whitsundays for over 30 years. With her husband Shane, she owns and operates a small business in Proserpine.

Jenny served as Mayor as well as a councillor on both Whitsunday Regional Council and the former Whitsunday Shire Council and has spent years working to address residents’ issues and deliver outcomes for the region.

During her time as Mayor between 2012 and 2016, Jenny delivered a series of major infrastructure projects including the Whisper Bay Boat Ramp and Breakwater Upgrade, the Airlie Beach Main Street Revitalisation Project and the Proserpine Water Treatment Plant. She was a strong advocate for the continued growth and development of the Whitsunday Coast Airport and also chaired the Whitsunday Disaster Management Group.

Welcome to the team Jenny.

To get in touch with Jenny, call her on 0417 452 003 or email

Crime fighting Katters


Katter’s Australian Party has announced its new crime policy in a bid to eradicate the juvenile crime epidemic currently sweeping Townsville and North Queensland.

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter explained KAP's approach is centred around “relocation sentencing.”

This would give magistrates the power to send offenders away from the community. They would be sent to an approved property in a remote location where they would work on the land to learn life skills to become contributing members of society.

“It has been highlighted time and time again that incarcerating children at Cleveland Youth Detention Centre does not pose as a deterrent for many of these wayward kids,” Robbie said.

“They often have no stable role models and are easily influenced by older siblings or friends to commit further crimes.

 “Our program would act as a circuit breaker to remove these children from negative influences, so they can rebuild their confidence and learn new skills with the view to steering them away from a life of crime.”

KAP Mundingburra Candidate Mike Abraham said the juvenile crime epidemic was spiralling out of control in Townsville and residents were sick of living in fear.

“The community is rightly fed up with not feeling safe in their own homes, and having to deal with both the emotional and financial toll of having the family vehicle stolen and often wrecked beyond repair.

“The police can only do so much. Here in Townsville there is a core group of offenders, who continue to commit crime. The amount of car thefts drops when they are incarcerated, and peaks as soon as they are let out.

“They are not being rehabilitated in Cleveland, or given a chance to embrace a new way of life.

“The current system is broken.”

Relocation Sentencing policy key points:

* Magistrates have the option to impose a “relocation sentence” on repeat juvenile offenders.

* The initial intake would be open to 20 male juveniles.

* They would be sent to an approved remote property or station in North-West Queensland.

* The initial intake would be taught to build their own accommodation and facilities, giving them skills to contribute to the wider community.

* They would be living and working on an active property, learning skills including horsemanship, mustering, fencing, basic mechanics etc.

Croc craziness


The shooting of a monster 5.2 metre crocodile near Rockhampton this week is evidence that the Queensland Government’s policy of putting crocodiles before human life is not working, Katter’s Australian Party Leader Bob Katter said.

Mr Katter said the crocodile, which was found dead in the Fitzroy River with a single gunshot wound to its head, was clear evidence that North Queenslanders were willing to take drastic action to reclaim their waterways.

He called on the State Government to immediately implement KAP’s Safer Waterways bill which would see crocodiles removed from populated areas.

“North Queenslanders are dying at a rate of probably one a year now and both major parties refuse to do anything about it except set up an advisory board,” Mr Katter said.

“We are being torn to pieces in the most cruel manner possible.

KAP’s bill aims to reclaim Queensland’s waterways without wiping out the crocodile population.

Mr Katter said KAP’s policy is based on establishing egg harvesting, safari shooting, croc culling and removal, while Labor was still putting out the same old crocodile management spin.

“We want to spell it out clearly: we want our waterways back. We’ve had them for 40,000 years and now we want them back.

“As Robbie Katter said – and what he said was very simple: you put a life of a crocs head over the life of a human being. The croc is allowed to eat us, but we are not allowed to touch them. They are the absurd rules in which we work in this state.”

Member for Dalrymple and KAP Hill candidate Shane Knuth put an urgency motion to State Parliament last month to fast track voting on KAP's Safe Waterways legislation which he tabled in parliament in May.

The LNP sided with the Palaszczuk Government to vote down the motion, delaying the vote on the potentially lifesaving bill until next year.

“How does reviewing maps, upgrading croc zones, and encouraging people to report more croc sightings save lives and make our waters safe?” Mr Knuth said.

"Our bill is about reclaiming our waterways. If you cannot swim in our favorite freshwater swimming holes, enjoyed by families and children, it shows that action must be taken."

What's On


Keep up to date with what KAP's MPs, Candidates and Branches are up to with our What's On section.

What’s On:

Saturday, September 23

Kennedy MP Bob Katter will be in Cloncurry today to participate in more 150 year anniversary celebrations. This is the final day of the two week event. Bob will be at the Brodie & Co C150 Spring Races from about 11.30am.

Sunday, September 24

KAP Mundingburra candidate Mike Abraham will be attending a meeting with locals concerned about crime in Townsville today. This meeting is being held at the Toomby Ultimate Rural Training Centre at 1486 Herveys Range Road, Alice River. The event is in support of Geoff and Vicki Toomby’s program, which is having difficulties following government funding cuts. It goes from 1pm-4pm and Mike is keen to talk with anyone who is concerned about the high crime rates in Townsville and North Queensland.

Monday, September 25

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter and KAP Cook Candidate Gordon Rasmussen will be meeting with locals in Cooktown today. Robbie and Gordon will be doing a street walk up the main road from 8am to 2pm. They stopping off at the Soverign Hotel for lunch at midday and would like to invited everyone to join them for a beer.

Tuesday, September 26 - Thursday, September 28

KAP Callide candidate Robbie Radel will be in Chinchilla for three days and is inviting anyone in the area who is keen to catch up to just give him a call. His mobile number is 0416 162 404.

Saturday, September 30

If will be a big day for Robbie Katter in Mount Isa with two of the town’s biggest events on the one day. Robbie will be at the Spring Cup Race Meet all day, before attending the ‘Zinc Goes Pink’ breast cancer charity ball on Saturday night. Keep an eye out for Robbie and feel free to have a chat.


Good news for Mareeba


Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has thanked the people who rallied to get $2million in additional funding for health services in Mareeba.


Mr Katter last week received confirmation that the funding had been approved by the Federal Health Minister, for the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (PHN) to support delivery of primary care services at Mareeba, including:

· $1 million over two years (2017-18 and 2018-19) to address gaps in after-hours services; and
· $1 million in 2017-18 to support a Primary Healthcare Development Program focused on reducing hospitalisations and strengthening local general practice.


“I want to personally thank – and the community owes a huge debt of gratitude to – Ross Cardillo, Denis McKinley and the 1000 people who turned up for the Save the Mareeba Hospital meeting and spoke up with aggression (Barry Simpson was one of many). I must also single out Robyn Greenfield, who has been advising me personally in this matter, and Dr Grant Manypeney – their specialist knowledge and assistance has been invaluable. I also want to put on public record my thanks to Minister Greg Hunt for meeting with me almost straight away and actioning the problem within the week,” Mr Katter said.


Mr Katter said he would discuss further with the PHN – headed by Rod Catton and Trent Twomey, “both excellent people, in charge of this money” – whether the extra funding would “achieve the purpose of being able to provide outpatients medical services under Bulk Billing-type arrangements”.


“Because if it can’t, then we’ve lost our free hospital system – and it will be the first time in 120 years that Mareeba has gone without a free hospital system,” said Mr Katter.


Mr Katter said Mareeba – which had a strong history of fighting issues of national significance, such as the Rural Action Council’s Johnny Gambino, Makse Srhoj, Scotty Dixon, Bernie O’Shea and Joe Moro securing the Federal farm assistance welfare grants for over 11,000 Australian families – “has once again had to take the leadership in the battle to preserve our free hospital system in Australia”.


“It seems very unfair to me that Mareeba has to constantly take national leadership in this area. But then again, it was the Mareeba area under local MP ‘Red’ Ted Theodore that introduced the free hospital system – the first in the world,” Mr Katter said.


But he warned the community against any complacency. “I don’t want anyone to think this battle is over – if the Qld Government wants warfare, they’ll get it. Our guns are primed and we’re ready for combat.”

What a Croc

What a Croc

KAP’s Safer Waterways bill – aimed at stopping crocodiles killing people – won’t be voted on for nine months, under current parliamentary rules which disadvantage non-government members putting bills forward.

KAP’s Shane Knuth said he will move to have this sped up as soon as parliament resumes.

“It’s an absolute joke,” Shane said. “People’s lives are in danger and because of how the parliamentary system works, the bill can’t be voted on for nine months. It’s amazing how the major parties manage to rush legislation through when it suits them. Let’s see just how serious they are about people’s safety. If they care about it at all, they’ll allow the Safer Waterways Bill to be voted on sooner.”

KAP introduced the Safer Waterways Bill on 25 May this year. It is currently in the committee stage – where the committee consults with stakeholders and prepares a report about the bill. Government bills usually pass through the committee stage within two or three months. The committee is not due to hand up its report on the Safer Waterways Bill until 27 November. According to parliamentary rules, three months must pass after the committee report is handed down before the bill can be voted on. Therefore the earliest a vote could happen is 27 February, 2018.

Meanwhile, this year Government bills have been voted on as soon as 16 days after they’ve been introduced.

“We cannot sit around and wait for more people to die,” Shane said.

The Safer Waterways Bill would make it mandatory for rogue crocodiles to be culled or removed from any place they posed a threat to human safety, including boat ramps and swimming holes.

Significantly, the bill would also legalise regulated crocodile egg harvesting in Queensland, which could create a multi-million industry. Landholders would also be given the power to manage crocodiles on their own land, including allowing other people to come and hunt crocs on their land for a fee.

The committee is now accepting submissions about the Bill. You can make a submission by emailing Your submission must include your name and signature; if the submission is made on behalf of an organisation, the level of approval; and your mailing address, email address and telephone number.

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