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Message from the President


With State and Federal Parliament both on sitting breaks until May, our four MPs are busy out in their electorates.

Did you know that Charters Towers is now in Robbie Katter’s electorate?

With the boundary changes, Charters Towers, which used to be in Shane Knuth’s electorate, now falls in Robbie’s electorate of Traeger. This is great news for Robbie, who grew up in Charters Towers.

Because the Traeger electorate is so big (it’s over 400,000 square kilometres), Robbie has two electorate offices: one in Mount Isa and one in Charters Towers.

Likewise, KAP’s Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has two electorate offices: one in Mount Isa and one in Innisfail.

Member for Hill, Shane Knuth, has one electorate office, located in Atherton. His electorate takes in the communities of Dimbulah, Tolga, Kairi, Yungaburra, Herberton, Mount Garnet, Babinda, Milla Milla and Ravenshoe. It also includes Innisfail, El Arish, Tully, Kurrimine and Mission Beach.

Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto’s electorate office is in Ingham. He is also available to meet with his constituents from Townsville’s northern beaches in KAP’s head office in Sturt Street in Townsville.

Contact details for all our MPs are on our website, and I encourage you to contact them if there’s an issue you think they should be addressing.

Shane Paulger
KAP President

QANTAS is listening? Must have a flying roo loose in the top paddock!


KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has labelled Qantas’ public promise of ‘listening’ to the people of the mid-west as ‘nonsense’ and laughed off the airline’s recent justification that a pilot shortage is causing the ongoing regional flight fare fiasco.

But the problem stems far deeper than just fluctuating expensive flight fares in regional locations. A current skills shortage of Australian pilots has been forged with local pilots being forced to look overseas for work as a result of poor wage packages in the domestic market.    

Mr Katter said it was time for Qantas to stop with the “appearing to be listening” and actually “clean out their ears and listen” to the calls of hundreds of Australian pilots that would come home immediately if given the chance.

“I could probably name 20 or so pilots (maybe even 50 pilots) that are working overseas who would prefer to be living in their homeland Australia, but when the leadership of Qantas comes out of airlines that leave pilots flying for $60-$70k a year, then we have one hell of a problem.

“From being the do-ant of Australia, we now have an airline that has sent mass numbers of aeronautical engineering jobs to Asian countries, in the knowledge that the manuals are written in English and they have the workers sleeping on concrete with blankets at airport baggage terminals.

“What was founded as a service to the inland area for families like my own, who made huge contributions to get it going that they couldn’t afford, they did it because our nation needed air travel and as the founder Hudson Fysh said, ‘our airline is there to service the public, to do that, we may have to make profits’.

“This is now an airline that is driven by the usual gang of suspects, the Cabal of CEOs and aspirational CEOs who are interested in reading their name in the Financial Review about their own personal brilliance, indulging their own proclivities, and paying themselves $25m a year and keeping their other fund managers’ CEOs happy by screwing money off the public and their workers.

“Whatever Qantas once was, it is now the complete opposite, and the tragedy of it is that many of the people they have working with them are people who are still dedicated to the founding aspiration of it.

 “It astounds me the logic this company is showing. How can a shortage of pilots keep the prices up through the roof when you’ve got a virtual monopoly? They obviously have a roo loose in the top paddock if they think they can justify that one.”

Statement from Katter responding to sale of Murray Goulburn


“The announcement today that Murray Goulburn, the biggest milk processor in Australia will be sold to a foreign corporation now means that almost all of beef processing, is owned by foreign corporations. Almost all fruit and vegetables processing, almost all sugar processing are owned by foreign corporations; in other words, all of the industries are now controlled by foreign corporations, with the exception of grains (the non-processing grains industry).

“What country would allow foreign corporations to own almost all its food processing?. Under Free Trade agreements we cannot regulate, and with Mr Turnbull’s Trans Pacific Partnerships (TPP) we will never be able to apply any regulations to them now or in the future.

“You’re watching the colonisation of Australia by the corporations.

“The major parties must be removed. The policies are so deeply entrenched that you will never change the ALP and LNP. They must be eliminated.

“82% of our mineral wealth is foreign owned, including almost all of the CSG industry ( around 93%), and 96% of all our petrol/diesel is imported.

“We will be moving in the Parliament to stop the sale of Murray Goulburn, and the farmers need the money, then I suggest they stop voting for the LNP, wake up to themselves and get the Country Party back which of course had the reconstruction board – and their regulated market systems – and aggressive marketing systems that delivered prosperity to us.

“Regulated markets was removed, not by the ALP, but was put there by the LNP National Competition Policy - which most farmers are still so bloody stupid or brainless they keep voting for the LNP. There is no capacity for the extent of the stupidity of my fellow farmers. It has to stop.

“So if we can’t stop it with an intelligent approach then we will stop it with a blunt object. And that is only for the time being.

“Only for the time being… because the people of Australia will wake up.”

Katter warns visitors not to destroy jobs and art from First Australians




KAP Member for Kennedy Hon Bob Katter has delivered another warning to all visitors attending the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast that if they buy fake, imported ‘Aboriginal Style’ art as a souvenir they are destroying jobs, incomes and preventing production of art from First Australians.

Mr Katter reintroduced a Bill into Parliament, for the second time, in September last year which would make it illegal to sell fake and imported ‘Aboriginal Style’ art in response to calls from First Australian groups, the Indigenous Art Code, Arts Law Australia the Copyright Council of Australia. It is estimated that 85% of what is sold in souvenir shops and as Indigenous Art, is fake and imported.

Mr Katter said the sale of imitation and fake art deprives the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders one of the only remaining income streams for First Australians.

“I am sick of buying my grandchildren woomeras that won’t throw a spear, boomerangs that won’t come back, and bullroarers that don’t roar. So, firstly, we would like to give our tourists, whether they are Australian tourists or overseas tourists, a bit of genuineness in the product that we sell.

“First Australians can’t get a title deed off any Federal or State Government in Australia. I issued 800 in two and a half years when I was a Minister in the Queensland Bjelke-Petersen government.

“So they can’t get any income from that source, but they can from their art which has become very valuable indeed.

“We have a Namatjira style art which is very, very culturally identifiable as First Australian artwork which has been copied in China, India and Indonesia and has been replicated a million times and being sent into Australia and sold as genuine First Australian art,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said that Indigenous art that is produced, marketed and sold as authentic when it comes from foreign countries meant all the jobs were overseas.

Mr Katter reintroduced the Bill which was first introduced into Parliament in February 2017, but has since expired off the notice paper. The Bill had the support of artists, lawyers and consumer groups.

“All we get is inquiries in this place. Nothing ever happens. We want action on this for fairness for our First Australian peoples and I will continue to fight for it”.


Message from the President




Members play a very important role in the success of Katter’s Australian Party.  Memberships help pay for the day to day costs of operating the party, as well as helping to run successful campaigns.  More than the financial benefit though, members provide an important contribution to the party.


Our members provide us with support and ideas and suggestions for policy formation.  They also bring to attention the issues facing real people in Australia and allow us to shine light on the issues that matter to every day Australians.


Becoming a member is easy. You can enter your information on our website via the ‘join’ tab and then our friendly head office will make contact with you to discuss payment options.  Every member is important to the party and we always encourage you to make contact with us. 


If you would like to become a member or if you know someone who would like to become a member please phone our friendly team at KAP’s head office on 07 4401 5037.

Shane Paulger
KAP President

What's On




Our four members of Parliament are always busy – we want to keep you up to date with what they are up to over the next week.

Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy

-Bob will be wrapping up parliament this week and heading off for a few days break for Easter with the family.


Nick Dametto, State Member for Hinchinbrook

-Meeting with TMR District Director Stephen Mallows today to discuss several TMR-related issues in the electorate.

-Joining Herbert River Men’s Shed for a brew next Wednesday morning to discuss grant funding opportunities.

-Celebrating the start of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games at Townsville City Council’s Festival 2018 official opening next Wednesday afternoon.

- Attending the Royal Australian Air Force’s 97th birthday celebrations at RAAF Base Townsville next Thursday.


Robbie Katter, State Member for Traeger

-Next week Robbie is planning to travel to the most eastern parts of his huge Traeger electorate to catch up with constituents about local issues and concerns. He will be stopping in at Julia Creek, Richmond, Hughenden and Charters Towers and is looking forward to seeing as many locals as possible.


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