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Message from the President


Do you want to make a difference to creating a better Australia? It can often seem that as just one person there's not much you can do to create change, but there is, and I encourage you to keep fighting. 

At Katter's Australian Party we regularly have people contact us saying they want to help to make a difference but they don't know how. 

There are several ways you can help. 

Become a member 
Becoming a member is easy and makes a difference to Katter's Australian Party financially. It costs money to operate our head office and to run effective election campaigns our members and the small annual fee they pay each year make a difference to us keeping the lights on.
Start a branch 
Branches are a really important part of our party. Branches provide an opportunity for members in a local area to come together and discuss ideas which are then fed back to head office and our Members of Parliament. Branches help our party keep in touch with the issues that people are facing that need to be addressed. We are always interested to hear from people who would like to start a branch. 
Spread the word 
The best form of advertising for Katter's Australian Party is you talking to your friends and family about what we do. People listen to people they trust. If you believe in what we do, then please help to spread the word. You can start by forwarding this email to them and getting them to subscribe to this weekly e-newsletter for free. 
Come election time, we can't run a successful campaign without volunteers, it's just not possible. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, it all helps. We need volunteers to hand out how to vote cards, to put up signs, to stuff envelopes and all sorts of other jobs. 
If you want to make a difference, please call our friendly team in KAP's head office on 07 4401 5037, they would love to hear from you. 
Shane Paulger 
KAP President 

What's On


Our four members of Parliament are always busy – we want to keep you up to date with what they are up to over the next week. 

Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy 
- On Monday Bob will attend the Memorial Service for Laurie West in Clonclurry. Laurie was a good friend of Bob's from his Clonclurry days; 
- On Monday afternoon, he will catch up with Mayor Greg Campbell about water security and use in the mid-west; 
- Bob has meetings in Townsville and Cairns on Tuesday, and is then headed to Edmonton and Mission Beach for meetings with local groups. 
- On Wednesday he is meeting with Mission Beach woman to discuss her fight with breast cancer and the possibility of getting a lifesaving drug included under the pharmaceutical benefit scheme. 
- Bob will take Friday evening off work to watch the mighty Cowboys play their first game for the season! 

Robbie Katter, State Member for Traeger 
- Robbie will be celebrating his birthday in Mount Isa tomorrow! 
- On Monday Robbie will be at Parliament House in Brisbane for committee hearings. - Robbie is on the Transport and Public Works Committee.  
- Next week while in Brisbane, Robbie has a number of meetings lined up with various Ministers and stakeholders on a range of issues including: 
            - Youth justice and relocation sentencing; 
            - Energy and rail infrastructure; 
            - Isolated Children Parents Association. 
- Parliament is sitting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which are always very busy days for all of MPs. 
- Hopefully after parliament finishes on Thursday, Robbie will head to Townsville to get his pilot's licence.  
Shane Knuth, State Member for Hill 
- Shane will be in Brisbane on Monday for committee meetings Parliament House. 
- Tuesday to Thursday Parliament is sitting in Brisbane, and Shane is keen to jump into fighting for his new electorate of Hill. 

Nick Dametto, State Member for Hinchinbrook 
- On Monday Nick will attend an Education, Employment and Small Business Committee meeting at Parliament House in Brisbane;  
- Next week will be Nick's first full Parliamentary sitting week as the Member for Hinchinbrook. Parliament sits in Brisbane on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
- Nick will be sweating it out at the Cardwell park run next Saturday March 10 from 7am. 

Katter slams PM on creating "Struggle Street" for Australians with free trade in Parliament


Federal Member for Kennedy Hon Bob Katter slammed the Prime Minister in Question Time today asking when the ALP/LNP will leave the fantasy land of the ‘Sydney Suits’ and realise the ‘Struggle Street’ caused by free market fundamentalist.

The fiery session began with Mr Katter questioning what free trade has done for – or rather done to – Australia. Tensions soared as Mr Katter announced facts to back his claim of how free trade has destroyed Australian jobs, and asked when the ALP/LNP would realise the struggle they’ve imposed on Australians.

“Could you advise what free marketing has done for - or rather to - Australia?
Are you aware that the ALP/LNP free marketing of wool is 68% and a $16b loss, gas – sold offshore for 6c and now onshore we pay $16, that’s a $23b loss, motor vehicle industry another $21b gone, petrol (instead of ethanol) $19b loss, Galilee Coal Railline $12b.
That’s just five items equalling a $91b a year loss.
“When will you and the ALP leave the fantasy land of the ‘Sydney Suits’ and realise the ‘Struggle Street’ you’ve imposed on Australians?” Mr Katter asked.

It is not the first time Mr Katter has spoken on free trade this month; he ferociously delivered a message during the first week of Parliament, a video which has now gone “viral” online.
“What are the facts about our free-trade deals? The last one was with the United States. They wanted pharmaceuticals and they wanted phytosanitary quarantine removed. That was what they wanted. According to the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers, we wanted dairy, beef and sugar.
“Did they get what they wanted? Yes. They got an open-door policy virtually for pharmaceuticals and for phytosanitary requirements quarantined. We have a board now which consists of half United States and half Australia. We pleaded with them not to allow the prawns in. If you allow prawns in, you will get white spot. Well, we got white spot, citrus canker, Panama disease, black sigatoka and papaya fruit fly. Our phytosanitary requirements are an absolute joke.
“What did the free-trade deal do for us? $91b a year gone,” Mr Katter said.

New North Queensland State Emblems


Early results from a new survey have revealed the preferred choices of North Queenslanders for the animal and fruit emblems of a new North Queensland state.
KAP State leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter said the choices showed Queenslanders had a close connection to their land.

The survey has revealed the front runner for the North Queensland State animal emblem is the cassowary while the mango currently holds first place as the preferred fruit emblem.
With just over 48 hours until the survey closes North Queenslanders are encouraged to have their say.

On Tuesday Robbie Katter challenged the Government to a public debate on the creation of a new state.
Since then a number of North Queensland residents have expressed a desire to see the debate go ahead.
Full results of the survey will be known once the poll closes on Friday, March 2 at 5pm.

The survey can be accessed at

More power savings needed


Regional Queenslanders could benefit from energy savings of more than $400 per year – rather than $35 - with simple changes to the Regulated Capital Charge for poles and wires assets.

State KAP Leader and Member for Traeger Robbie Katter said today’s release of the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) draft on electricity prices for regional Queensland left a lot to be desired.

“While it is good to see prices are stabilising the forecast savings of $35 per annum for mum and dads and $110 per annum for small businesses isn’t going to have an impact on the average regional Queenslander’s budget and it is not going to stimulate significant economic activity,’’ he said.
“This could easily be transformed into savings of $400 per annum if the Government was serious about addressing a raft of unnecessary regulated charges.
“There is a range of unnecessary charges involved in electricity billing, particularly the regulated capital charge for poles and wires. This is an unfair and unnecessary burden to place on regional Queenslanders.

“I acknowledge that the Government would lose a lot of its budget revenue by removing the unnecessary regulated changes however, I’m firmly of the view that this money is better spent in the hands of regional Queensland households and businesses.
“The Government needs to stop indirectly taxing regional Queenslanders so they can build unproductive assets like sports stadiums and the cross river rail.
“I encourage all regional Queenslanders consider making a submission on the QCA’s draft via the QAC website which will close on April 9.’’

Message from the President


We hope that you’ve had some rain wherever you are this week. It’s great news for everyone to see the skies finally opening up and brining some much-needed relief to our farmers.

Our head office team in Townsville has been enjoying watching the rain fall this week as they continue the search for candidates for the next Federal election.

Quality candidates are critical to our ability to stand up and fight for things that matter to you.

We are always interested to hear from people are interested in becoming candidates. Or perhaps you know of someone who would make a great candidate.

If that’s the case, please get in touch with our head office team. Give them a call on 07 4401 5037. They’d be pleased to hear from you.

Shane Paulger

KAP President

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