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There has a been a lot of talk in the media this week about the Qld State Government’s proposed Vegetation Bill.  Katter’s Australian Party is very passionate about this issue and our MP’s have been very vocal in opposing this bill.  KAP has already introduced an Amendment Bill into Parliament to the Vegetation Management Act to help protect the cattle industry and farmers.  One of the main objectives in the amendment is to ensure that there is a right of appeal or review for a person who has made an application that has been rejected. This will make the process more fair and transparent and will create a mechanism for an internal review.

We believe that the proposed bill is a clear attack on our farmers and will severely damage our industry and our communities.

KAP believes every landholder running a commercial agriculture enterprise in north and western Queensland should be allowed to clear three per cent of their land for cropping activities.

The government’s approach to clearing for High Value Agriculture and Irrigated High Value Agriculture is creating a barrier to cropping development in north and western Queensland.

This policy, combined with KAP’s water allocation policy, will enable farmers to grow fodder crops to increase productivity and open new opportunities in cattle finishing and processing.

Safeguards will be put in place to ensure clearing only where a farmer has demonstrated a robust development plan, that does not risk broad environmental harm.


Shane Paulger
KAP President

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