Message from the President


Australia needs our help! Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to make a difference to our countries’ future but that isn’t true.  The only way things change is if we all stand together and have our united voices heard.  


KAP aren’t afraid to stand up and fight.  We aren’t afraid to take on the major parties and call them out on their poor decision making. We will always stand up for what we believe are the best decisions and outcomes for Australia. We need your help to make sure that we can continue this fight. Katter’s Australian Party is a real alternative to the major parties, who time and time again let Australia down.

Members play a very important role in the success of Katter’s Australian Party.  Your membership helps us run our election campaigns, which are critical if we are to win more seats in state and federal parliament.

Memberships help pay for the day to day costs of operating the party, as well as helping to run successful campaigns.  More than the financial benefit though, members provide an important contribution to the party.

Our members provide us with support, ideas and suggestions for policy formation.  They also bring to attention the issues facing real people in Australia and allow us to shine light on the issues that matter to every day Australians.

What you get when you become a member:

 - Weekly emails keeping you up to date with what our members of parliament are doing;

- KAP’s quarterly magazine Katter Quarterly mailed to you for free;

- 10% discount on all KAP merchandise;

- The opportunity to vote at KAP’s annual general meeting;

- The chance to nominate as a candidate for state and federal elections;

- The opportunity to become a branch member and contribute ideas to KAP’s policy development.


Becoming a member is easy. You can enter your information on our website via the ‘join’ tab and then our friendly head office will make contact with you to discuss payment options.  Every member is important to the party and we always encourage you to make contact with us. 

If you would like to become a member or if you know someone who would like to become a member please phone our friendly team at KAP’s head office on 07 4401 5037.


Shane Paulger

KAP President


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