Since inception, Australia has been built upon the advancement of individual's rights and freedoms.

Katter's Australian Party believes it is the role of government to create and implement policy that advances individual’s rights and freedoms, and overall, maintains the Australian lifestyle and national identity. KAP believes government must make an additional, concerted effort to protect Australian sovereignty and independence.

In order to consistently achieve this, KAP seeks to maintain democratic representation federally, and support and propose policy that seeks to create opportunity in areas of education, employment, infrastructure and local business.

For further details regarding KAP's position on contemporary issues, please refer to our policy stances: 

Asylum seekers and border protection Australia is a nation of migration. Our first Australians migrated here some forty thousand years ago. Since then we have seen ... Read more

Education Australia should be a world leader and innovator in the field of education; but our ranks are slipping, as globally we become less competitive and productive.  In order ... Read more

Energy The economy is completely underwritten by the energy market in Australia.  The challenge remains to provide adequate supply cheaply for today’s consumers while ensuring ... Read more

Essential public assets and infrastructure It appears that up until the 1970s, Australian governments and industry were capable of conceiving spectacular nation building engineering works that significantly ... Read more

First Australians Australian Aboriginal people are undeniably our First Australians. These people have struggled under colonisation. There is no doubt that the socio-economic circumstances ... Read more

Managing public services commercially It is increasingly important that the public service be modernised in the context of improving productivity and reconnecting the sector with best commercial practice. There is ample ... Read more

Protecting Australian jobs and Australian business KAP is committed to maintaining a productive and affluent workforce. It is essential that Australian businesses are able to compete ... Read more

Rural affairs and agriculture Agriculture is the PRIMARY INDUSTRY in the Australian economy.  The reality is that the wealth of this nation was first defined in agricultural terms and it is fast returning as the driver ... Read more

Small business The small business sector accounts for approximately two million businesses and employs over seven million people in Australia. The employment in small business accounts ... Read more

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