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The task ahead of Katter's Australian Party is a very significant and important one; one of the most important challenges of our time.

This is your opportunity to take part. Unlike the bigger parties, we do not have access to the massive war chests they use to run their machines. The advantage of this is we are not beholden to the wishes and demands of the big businesses that fill these coffers.

We rely on you to recognise the importance of KAP in our country’s future. Together, we can take the challenge to the bigger parties, and deliver policies and results to the people of Australia.

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Katter's Australian Party is for YOU! It was founded by people just like you, who want to make a difference.

To play your role in one of the greatest political movements of our time, join KAP now.

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Katter's Australian Party was started by a group of people who were sick and tired of being sold out by the bigger political parties, by those that seem more interested in advancing their political agenda and that of the individuals within them.

If you too are sick of this dismissive treatment, then here's your chance to make a stand.

Let's not take it anymore. Enough is enough!

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Katter's Australian Party has various items of merchandise available for purchase, including books, caps and t-shirts.

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How To Vote

Be sure to check back here when election time comes to learn how to vote for the KAP.  

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Our People

For the challenging task ahead of Katter's Australian Party, a strong, committed team of people has been assembled to lead the change.

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