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codKatter's Australian Party today intends to change the direction of Australian prosperity through job creation, establishment of infrastructure and support for Australian-owned businesses.

KAP stands against the sale and privatisation of critical State, Territory and National assets - assets paid for and owned by the people of Australia for the benefit of the nation.

We seek to restore personal freedoms that have been unnecessarily eroded over recent decades – from the requirement to pay for a licence to go fishing, to being fined for boiling a billy in your backyard. Through Government over-regulation these great Australian past-times are slowly becoming just that - a thing of the past.

KAP seeks to significantly change the political direction of our nation. This is a challenging task, but then again, Australians have never shied away from a job that needs to be done.

Our People

For the challenging task ahead of Katter's Australian Party, a strong, committed team of people has been assembled to lead the change.

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