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The Katter's Australian Party logo borrows its eight point star from the Eureka Flag,header_logo_old
also known as the Southern Cross flag, a flag representing Australian rights.

The Eureka Flag was first used in Victoria in 1854 by a group of gold-miners, in effect owner operator small businessmen and workers, who protested the cost and number of Government prospecting licences, at what became the 'Eureka Stockade'.

These government restrictions were essentially a 19th Century mining tax, suffocating small businessmen – taxing them in order to fill Government coffers. Additionally, the means for enforcing this Government law were inherently corrupt.

On 30 November 1854, within the Eureka Stockade some 500 diggers swore an oath on
southern-cross-flag_th-1the Eureka flag. As a result of their determination, their demands for a fair-go were eventually met. The legacy of these men lives on in our proud history, marking a key event in the development of Australian democracy and the Australian identity.

In addition to the restoration of rights for these miners, the events during this period were credited with establishing the spirit of mateship that was demonstrated by the 'gold diggers'.

The spirit of these 'gold diggers' was carried onto the battle fields of the First World War, where the term 'digger' was adopted by the ANZAC soldiers and has since come to represent with pride the spirit of Australian mateship which emerged in the Stockade at Eureka and which continues to this day.

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