Candidate for Herbert


Colin Dwyer

Colin Dwyer has been a proud resident of the Townsville for over three decades, contributing to the community in a myriad of ways. As an economics graduate from James Cook University, Colin has served the North Queensland region as an academic, economic consultant and media commentator.

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Candidate for Maranoa


Rick Gurnett

Descended from a long line of pioneers, Rick is committed to encouraging a positive future for Australian communities, ensuring that both his and other families’ efforts are honoured and represented.   

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Senate Candidate


Tom Harris

Tom Harris is a fifth generation grazier from central NSW. Tom grew up on a family farm near Orange, before raising...

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Candidate for Moreton


Shan Ju Lin

Shan Ju was born in Taiwan and migrated to Australia in 1991. Shan Ju has completed her Master of Teaching degree from QUT, and has been teaching for over 15 years.

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Parliamentary Leader


Bob Katter

Bob Katter has been the Federal Member for Kennedy since 1993, following a highly successful 18-year career in Queensland State politics where he held four Ministerial positions.

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Candidate for Longman


Brad Kennedy

Brad and his wife Joann have lived in Longman at Narangba for the past 23 years. They raised two children who were schooled locally and

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Candidate for Leichhardt


Brad Tassell

Brad was born in Mount Isa, before raising his own family of three and beginning a successful management career spanning over 25 years, across both Australia and Papua New Guinea.    


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Senate Candidate


Rowell Walton

Rowell Walton served as the founding president of  Katter’s Australian Party, seeking greater representation for rural and regional Australians whom have long been neglected by major parties.

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